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October fest with Escort Prague 24h

Every year in October, the season of events in Prague begins! Young people from all over Europe, as well as the older population, come to Prague for short and long trips, wanting to get to know the historical monuments in Prague and crazy nights in various nightclubs! We as an Escort Prague agency 24h are ready to welcome them and with our rich offer of girls to satisfy them in all their wishes! Our agency is trained to fulfill your every wish for entertainment of any kind. The girls come to your hotel or apartment and can stay with you for a short or long time !Czech girls are very cheerful by nature and enjoy drinking various non-alcoholic drinks in your company, but they especially like Czech beer and Czech wine, and we have one of the most popular girls who specializes in tasting the quality of wine, and that girl's name is Carolina Veletrzna. She is top notch a specialist in all types of both Czech and all world wines and she will recognize exactly which wine comes from which region of the world! She specializes in wine but is also a big fan of vodka and she has no problem drinking a few liters within 2 or three hours! We also have Vika, a model from Milan, Italy. She is more of a vodka type and especially likes to drink champagne for long distances. All our girls like parties with tourists and striptease dancing. Czech girls mostly have bigger breasts with big nipples that look very nice when dancing. October has already cooled down in Prague and most of them walk around dressed in long and warm clothes with a large neckline. We have prepared the October Fest in Prague for you, so we wish you a warm welcome to the Czech capital...

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