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Prague Christmas guide 2023

Welcome to our Christmas guide, where we want to briefly explain what and how you can spend your Christmas visit to Prague. Our advice for Christmas activities, including Christmas markets, Christmas concerts, nativity scenes and many other festive activities. Prague is a great place for Christmas shopping.In our city, you can visit several shopping centers, the leading one being the Chodov Shopping Center, all of which are beautifully decorated in Christmas style and offer great discounts on shopping. In the Czech language, Merry Christmas is called Vesele Vanoce. Residents of the Czech Republic observe Christmas time in Prague with unique traditions and customs , which culminated in the celebration of the Day of the Three Kings on January 6.

In Prague and throughout the Czech Republic, Christmas is celebrated with a festive Christmas lunch on December 25, Christmas Day.

Christmas lights in Prague

Decorating the city of Prague with Christmas decorations and a tree starts at the end of November and lasts until Three Kings 6-1 2024...

The city is very nicely decorated and at every step you can experience the Christmas atmosphere. In every quarter of the city there is a Christmas Advent where you can buy various trinkets as well as gifts and offer a variety of traditional Czech dishes and sausages as well as the widely known Czech beer. Music and a cheerful atmosphere are unmissable. part of every Advent. The biggest Christmas Advent is certainly on Wenceslas Square near the Czech National Museum. The national dish in Prague and the whole of the Czech Republic is the carp fish, which is prepared in various ways, mostly as fried carp, and is an indispensable dish in every family and restaurant.

Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve 24-12 midnight

The ringing of the church bells invites all people to come to the church. You can attend midnight mass on Christmas Eve in many churches in Prague.

You can go to all Christmas celebrations with one of our girls of your choice

Welcome to Prague Christmas days

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